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Address: 23011 Moulton Pkwy., Ste E8


City/State/Zip: Laguna Hills, CA, 92653


Phone: 949-305-7372


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Company Info: The only thing more soothing than the flow of water is the peace of mind that comes from quality you can trust. Fountains Unique is the premier designer and manufacturer of quality water features for the Architect Landscape Architect Pool Builder/Designer and Commercial Builder where beauty function and craftsmanship co-exist in perfect harmony. We have the largest selection of high quality water features in the industry. Whether you are professional designing an exquisite landscape an elegant swimming pool a significant entryway or a water feature for a residential or commercial development if your project needs to make an impact statement we can help. Contact us today and discuss how we can help you make your next project a dramatic success.





Amore Courtyard Spout

One of our newest product offerings, the Amore Courtyard Spout is designed to evoke the charm of old-world European courtyards. This large Courtyard spout made from 100% copper and 100% brass backplate is our interpretation of the handmade spouts located throughout Europe. This larger sized spout is perfect for use as a solitary water feature that spills into mid-sized fountain basins, garden pots, pools and spas. Since the Courtyard series is copper, the spouts are safe to install in pools and spas and on porous surfaces. Copper will not rust like iron, which eventually discolors surfaces and water. The large Courtyard spout is offered in a variety of finishes and looks magnificent in oil rubbed bronze, antique brass and distressed copper.

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Oak Leaf Scuppers

The Oak Leaf scupper series blends the simplicity of the Roman scupper with a more attention grabbing and prominent Oak Leaf back plate. Cast in 100% bronze, this Oak Leaf water feature is durable and strong in fine intricate detail and site line making it a perfect compliment for a range of Architectural, Outdoor Living, pool, spa and fountain designs. The Oak Leaf scupper is available in both square and diamond formats, offered in several finishes, this product is rather remarkable in pewter, Barcelona and oil-rubbed bronze.

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Lions Head

This wall mounted mask with a true 45 degree angle nozzle has often been called one of the "most handsome" Lion Head in the industry. Understated, it is not. It's bold and eye catching. This Lion Head adds a refined and majestic ambiance to any pool, spa, fountain or outdoor living design. Cast in 100% solid bronze, it is durable and will give your clients years of enjoyment. We offer the Lions Head in a large and small size, in a variety of finishes. Shown in light Oil Rubbed Bronze. It looks magnificent in antique brass. Like all bronze water feature pieces, it will only become more beautiful over time.

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Roman Scupper

One of our most popular scuppers, for both its simplistic design, yet dramatic visual. Inspired by ancient Greco-Roman architecture, the cast bronze roman scupper is a popular water feature with the design community for its uniquely chic and classical accent. The scupper's subtle and clean flowing lines make this a highly versatile architectural element, especially for pool, spa and fountains where tranquility is the desired motif. Available in a variety of finishes, shown in Antique Brass.

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Anzio Spout

South of Rome is the quaint town of Anzio, a fishing port. Our Anzio spout reflects Anzio's spirit in its simplicity and the simple ways of life. The Anzio is made from 100% solid brass, and can be customized in any of our metal finishes. This spout is an ideal smaller and mid-sized water feature. The Anzio spout works great in any Architectural and/or Outdoor Living, pool, spa and fountain design. And its simple and unobtrusive design means it can be installed in multiples. Designers and architects are drawn to the Anzio for contemporary settings as well.

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Tuscany Spill Bowls

The Tuscany Spill Bowl is inspired by the beauty of the Italian countryside. The elegant bowl is an ideal solution for when you want a dramatic water feature to make a statement - a statement of refinement and luxury. Rustic and textured, the Tuscany Spill bowl brings a touch of old-world charm to any outdoor landscape or commercial project and is certain to bring years of serenity and enjoyment just by its sight and sounds. The Tuscany Spill Bowl is perfect for use on pedestals, mid-size to large fountains, and pool and spa water features. The bowls can make an impact whether used alone or in combination. The larger bowls feature a variety of scupper configurations - wide center scupper, triple scuppers at a 45 degree angle and of course, our flagship configuration - triple scuppers at 90 degree angles. The Tuscany Spill Bowl is available in a variety of stylish colors such as Buff, Dijon, AZ Red, Classic White and many others. The hardstone bowl comes in the popular 21", 27", 33" sizes, and a hearty 39" size for larger projects or landscapes.

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Deco Wall Scupper

Fountains Unique Deco wall scupper is perhaps the most versatile scupper we offer. This Deco wall scupper's sleek design complements every water feature style from classic to contemporary. The Deco scupper is available with your choice of three faceplates: diamond, round or square. Three diameter size options include: 1 1/2", 2" or 2 1/2". Deco scupper can be customized in several finishes, while polished chrome, polished brass and polished nickel are simply breathtaking.

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OptiFlow Waterfall Scupper

Our new OptiFlow Sheeting Waterfall Scupper's series sleek design and exotic flair combine to create a truly sophisticated pool water feature. This sheer waterfall scupper creates a serene ambiance and a peaceful reverie. With dramatically spilling water - straight from the pool or fountain wall surface - our scupper is designed to enhance the most elegant outdoor living space. The OptiFlow Waterfall Scupper is made from the finest, heavy-gauge copper or brass found in the industry and its designed to fit seamlessly in even the tightest of spaces. Our unique designs will ensure a consistent water flow and "spread" across the width of the scupper. This ensures a dramatic flow and enhanced visual effect. In addition to standard sizes, Fountains Unique can design and manufacture the new OptiFlow Waterfall Scupper to accommodate your design and space requirements for a width as small as 8 inches or as large as 5 feet.

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Acanthus Scupper

Introducing the Acanthus Scupper. Our newest solid bronze spout for fountains and pools with a 7 ??? dia. backplate, 5 ??? long spout; includes a grounding lug and is available in a choice of patina finishes.

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Apollo Backplate

One of a line of bold classical designs, the Apollo backplate with Oak Leaf scupper will complement any architectural fountain.

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Artemis Plate with Lion Mask

Artemis plate with lion mask is just 1 of 12 different solid cast bronze emitter/spout combinations available for the 12 inch diameter.

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Exquisite Landscape Water Feature

We take our name seriously ??? whether you are designing an exquisite landscape, an elegant swimming pool, an entryway or a water feature for a commercial development.

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Metro Bowl Dual

The Metro Bowl series is sleek and modern with sharp angles and lines. The design of the Metro Bowl series is characteristic of the best in contemporary design and architecture. Ideal as a water feature accent for any modern pool or outdoor living space.

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S55 - Roman Scupper with Square or Diamond Backplate

Our Roman scupper with square back plate is Greco-Roman inspired architecture and contemporary styling at its finest. This beautiful cast bronze scupper lends a chic, tranquil appeal to any water feature.

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S75xx - Courtyard Spout

Our Courtyard series of spouts is designed to evoke the charm of old-world European courtyards. This large Courtyard spout made from 100% copper (Copper will not rust like iron, which eventually discolors surfaces and water) and is our interpretation of the handmade spouts located throughout Europe. The Courtyard Series of Spouts comes in a large and small version, with a variety of backplate options.

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B303- 24 - (32) Classico Bowl

The versatile and popular Classico bowl??s formal egg and dart design, with 3 scuppers, is an eye catching piece and a beautiful compliment to any pool, spa, or outdoor landscape. The gadrooned bowl adds a sense of formality to environments with a relaxed vibe, yet really comes to life in traditional design and architecture. The Classico Bowl features 100% Hand Hammered Copper and is available in a variety of finishes as well as ???raw?? copper upon request. Available in 24 and 32??. Shown here in Antique Brass.

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Courtyard Spouts

Fountains Unique??s small Courtyard Spouts in Oil Rubbed Bronze are 100 percent copper and provide a robust stream of water.

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OptiFlow Waterfall Scupper and Spill Edges

After months of requests - announcing Fountain Unique's new OptiFlow Waterfall Scuppers and Spill Edges - the finest available. Can custom build to ANY size with the heaviest gauge copper, brass, stainless steel in the widest variety of finishes.

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Emerald bowl models

Emerald bowl models add some pizzazz with 24" with single scupper, 24" with triple scupper, 32" with single scupper and 32" with triple scupper.

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OptiFlow Waterfall Scupper & Spill Edge

The Fountains Unique line of OptiFlow Waterfall Scuppers and Spill Edges feature baffle systems that spread water uniformly across any scupper, and can be custom-built in any configuration and size.

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