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Address: PO Box 1275


City/State/Zip: Carpinteria, CA, 93014-1275


Phone: 805-684-0436


FAX: 805-684-2798




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Company Info: As a pioneer in the field of water-efficient plants Victor Schaff founded SS Seeds in 1975. Victors extensive experience with the collection and use of drought-tolerant plant seeds was the catalyst for SS Seeds to become a major wholesale supplier to landscape contractors government agencies and seed distributors throughout the U.S. and abroad. SS Seeds provides fine quality seed mixes and excellent service to its diverse clientele. Our expert staff works one-on-one with you to design seed mixes for your particular project site. We also provide a variety of standard seed mixes for pickup or shipment. To determine whats best for your project each site is given careful consideration as to soil type climate moisture levels and the desired aesthetic effect. SS Seeds has research and development trial fields for evaluation of new and old species. Our production fields and continued extensive collections of native plant seed allow us to offer more than 900 species including Native grasses wildflowers and shrubs. We utilize state-of-the-art seed-conditioning equipment to process seed. We continually test for purity germination and pure live seed counts at independent certified laboratories assuring customers only receive top quality seed. Our large and diverse inventory enables us to ship products the same day they are ordered.





California Native Plant Seeds

S&S Seeds is the premier supplier of wild native California plant seeds, since 1975. We offer hundreds of species of Seeds; Grasses, Wildflowers, Shrubs, and Mixes for pollinator insects such as the Monarch Butterfly.

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Artemisia californica

Artemisia californica, California Sagebrush Characteristics/Comments: seeds/reseeds well - good for revegetation

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CA Coastal Native Wildflower Mix

This is a mixture of annual and perennial wildflowers, native to coastal zones of California. This mix may be used for meadow or garden borders or as a portion of a native grassland or shrub mix. Irrigation will prolong bloom.

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Agrostis pallens

Agrostis pallens, San Diego Bentgrass Characteristics/Comments: low water use turf, perm. cover crop in CA and Pacific NW, low mow & some shade, little summer water

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Ornamental, Low Growing Native Mix

This is a mixture of showy, low growing annual and perennial species that will provide months of bright Spring color in a non-irrigated setting, or year-round color when irrigated. This mix may be used alone or in conjunction with grass and shrub seeds

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Trifolium hirtum

Trifolium hirtum, Hykon Rose Clover Characteristics/Comments: fast growing - seeds/reseeds well - good for revegetation

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S & S Seeds, Inc.Click For Directions

Carpinteria, 93014-1275

March 17, 2018, 11:09 pm PDT

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