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Cardinal Systems, Inc.


Address: 250 Route 61 South


City/State/Zip: Schuylkill Haven, PA, 17972


Phone: 570-385-4733


FAX: 570-385-1318




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Vendor Profile: At Cardinal Systems Inc., we take great pride in the strength and integrity of our people and our business. Since our inception, we have always operated with the principles of providing our customers a high quality product paired with exceptional customer service. Our dedicated workforce lives these principles each day, continually seeking ways to improve the way we do business. Originally founded to create steel wall swimming pool panels, our growth over the past 40 years has established us as a leader of the pool industry. Today, we have expanded into other areas and brands to bring deck drains, concrete cantilever edge forms, and stainless steel outdoor cabinetry to enhance the backyard experience.





Pre-Designed Cabinetry Sets by Sierra Outdoor Designs®

Our pre-designed configurations features outdoor kitchen cabinetry made with 316 marine grade stainless steel. These set combinations allow an easy and streamlined way to get a kitchen up and fast on any hardscape plan.
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Streamline Drain by Quaker Plastics

Add elegance to your patio or deck with our low-profile Streamline drain. With a top entry of only 1/2 inch, this unique design provides a fine line that blends seamlessly into a patio or deck, yet allows for the needed drainage.
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3-Inch Water Hog Deck Drain by Quaker Plastics

The 3-Inch Water Hog Deck Drain is made of all-weather PVC and can handle more water volume. Mounts flush and comes with tops, base screws, and connectors for easy installation. Ideal for builders who want a deck drain that will avoid clogging.
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Vinyl Liner Pools products by Cardinal

Cardinal Systems has built its reputation by offering products of exceptional quality, and supported with superior service. Our products are made to the highest standards in the industry. Cardinal has established itself as a leading manufacturer in the pool industry. Give your customers the assurance of a well constructed pool that will last a lifetime. Count on Cardinal for quality, strength and craftsmanship.
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Reusable Decorative Cantilever Forms from Z Poolform by Cardinal Systems, Inc.

Z Poolform is a reusable PVC form used to create decorative concrete. Interchangeable form liners will allow for a variety of different edge profiles and textures and can be used with vinyl liner, fiberglass, or concrete pools.
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Outdoor Stainless Steel Cabinetry by Sierra Outdoor Designs

Outdoor kitchen cabinetry featuring sleek and modern design made with 316 marine grade, stainless steel. Cabinetry is available in all stainless steel, and gray or brown faux stone facades.
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Paver Drains by Quaker Plastics

Quaker Plastics, from Cardinal Systems, Inc., offers many options and colors for getting excess water out of your way. Our drains not only do the job, but also do it in an aesthetically pleasing manner. Don't compromise on your design or quality.
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