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Address: 7440 Liberty Township, Rd 95


City/State/Zip: Findlay, OH, 45840


Phone: 419-423-1290


FAX: 419-423-4652




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Company Info: Streamside EnvironmentalLLC Provides equipment technology and over-site to clean up excessive sediment and improve fisheries. Using our patented Sandwand this technology combines water jets and suction to selectively remove fine sediments while not removing desirable coarser substrate which provides habitat. We can avoid all of the negative impacts of dredging or heavy equipment. This technology is unique for size-selective sediment removal and for restoration of sediment-impacted habitats. When turbidity barriers are used to prevent water quality impacts to lakes or ponds Streamside can selectively remove the settled fine sediments before the barrier is removed to prevent re-suspension of the silts and clays. Streamside can provide you with some of the most advanced aeration technology. We have other products like the Sediment bed-load collector to remove migrating bed-load from river and streams. All this equipment is scalable to any size installation. Can be used to prevent reservoir sedimentation to remove contaminated sediments for commercial sand mining or to minimize construction or logging sediment impacts.






Streamside specializes in the restoration of sediment-impacted habitats, and prevention of sediment impacts using a proprietary technology. Streamside offers an innovative and effective approach to protect and restore our rivers by selectively removing the harmful pollutant sediments from surface waters, whereas natural recovery could take decades or longer.

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Sand Wand System

Streamside Environmental, has been contracted by the Trust to implement their Sand Wand??? System on Fawn River. This proprietary technology selectively removes the non-native silts & fine sand material while leaving the native cobble and gravel in place.

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May 24, 2018, 10:41 am PDT

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