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Ronk Electrical Industries, Inc


Address: PO Box 160, 106 East St Street


City/State/Zip: Nokomis, IL, 62075


Phone: 217-563-8333


FAX: 217-563-8336




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Vendor Profile: Manufacturer of electrical phase converters used to operate three-phase motors from single-phase power sources when utility three-phase power is either unavailable or prohibitively expensive to extend. Applications include irrigation and other pump motors pivots aerators etc. A leader in the phase conversion industry since 1952 our products are available through local electrical distributors. Other products manufactured by Ronk include double-throw switches for back-up generators power factor correction capacitors stray voltage isolators and corrosion resistant enclosures made from aluminum.





Ronk Electrical Industries

Ronk Rotocon phase converters for your irrigation needs when you need three phase power from single phase lines.
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Our ROTO-CON(R) phase converters are designed to operate various irrigation systems. They are easily installed, require minimal maintenance, and offer years of trouble-free service.
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Our BLOCKER(R) stops stray voltage by blocking primary neutral voltage from entering the secondary neutral circuit and system grounding conductors. Protect swimming pools, fountains, and homes.
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Ronk Electrical Industries

Removable rear-mounted panel on 600 Series models; convenient knockouts; NEMA 3R aluminum drip-proof enclosures; available with louvered covers.
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