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Vendor Profile: For over two decades Koolfog has designed and developed sensory technologies that provide enhanced comfort and enjoyment for people plants and animals. Koolfog fogscapes enhance landscapes water features and play areas with a natural moving water based fog that is both interactive and visually appealing. Our misting systems provide outdoor cooling in small to large spaces. Perfect for resorts retail centers public spaces themed environments exhibits and more. Through creative design and innovation Koolfog balances performance and aesthetics by delivering products that seamlessly integrate into landscapes and architectural spaces. Koolfog products are available worldwide through direct sales and distribution.





Fog in Deck Fountain

Fog jets sit underneath the grating that surrounds variable fountain jets in this unique fountain application. LED lighting is placed under each fountain jet to allow for colorful bubbling streams and jets, and also to encapsulate the fog cloud that develops as the fog collects upon itself. Koolfog assists fountain designers in the design and implementation of fog within custom projects.
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Silence, by Tadao Ando, Incorporates Fog

Silence by architect Tadao Ando sits outside the Connaught Hotel in Mayfair, London. Trees sit in a raised granite-edged pool with fog emitting from the base of the trees for fifteen seconds every hour. Glass lenses below the surface of the water illuminate the basin at night enveloping the fog in brilliant white light.
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Waterfall Fog Features

A fog feature that is placed at the base of a waterfall collects and moves throughout the body of water, moving downstream as the natural airflow pushes the fog past the immediate plunge. This provides a natural look to water features that do not create a similar visual effect on their own. Koolfog specializes in designing custom fog features for water professionals.
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Fog Fountain as Retail Attraction

In the center of the Fountains at Roseville retail center is a spectacular dancing fountain. Set to hits by top recording artists from every era, the choreographed fountain display also includes fog that fills the basin during key moments of the show and during breaks. At night, the fountain lighting is encapsulated within the fog projecting from underneath a cauldron of fun.
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Natural Fog Bank on Lake

At a private estate located near Chicago, IL, Koolfog in collaboration with Technifex places fog around the lake's perimeter providing an incredibly beautiful and pseudo-natural visual effect. During the night the fountain is illuminated with underwater LED light fixtures that change colors with the programmed sequences - a perfect compliment to fog which assists in capturing and expanding the envelope of lighting boundaries.
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Sphere of Fog

Artist Ned Kahn designed a 20 foot diameter sphere of fog that forms within a grid of 30 foot tall stainless steel poles. The cloud of fog appears and vanishes every few minutes. The project was a collaboration with landscape architect Andrea Cochran and the Pittsburgh Children's Museum with Koolfog delivering fog specific design and implementation.
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Fog Representing the Fluctuation in Gold Prices

Koolfog has partnered with various municipal and creative entities to integrate mesmerizing fog effects in public spaces. The immersive quality of fog effects in art features is highlighted in the new "Meridian (Gold)," a temporary public artwork by the sculptor Mika Tajima, set in Long Island City, Queens, NY, which used Koolfog high pressure fog to represent the fluctuations in the price of gold.
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Art Installation Fog Room

Koolfog is proud to be a part of another unique art installation that incorporates fog in an innovative way. The Museum of Modern Art and MoMA PS1 announced Escobedo Soliz Studio as the winner of the annual Young Architects Program (YAP) in New York in 2016. This program challenges emerging architects to develop creative designs for a temporary, outdoor installation at MoMA PS1 that provides shade, seating, and water.
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Mood Setting with Fog

Fog is used in landscapes to offer a certain level of environmental control to help promote plant growth. Fog is also used to define ambience. Well placed fog effects within landscapes can offer a fun, interactive, ethereal addition to environmental spaces, capturing a certain mood or developing an element that is typically not present.
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Fog in Plant Environments

Fog placed in plant environments, green walls and living rooftops can provide additional protection for plants and offer cooling for those in close proximity. Plants, like people, are susceptible to heat stress and can experience irreversible damage to plant function or development. The placement of fog within a plant environment can help combat these effects and can promote growth.
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Fog Features in Water Play Parks

Water play elements that have fog integrated directly to the element are not only unique, but they are fun! Fog is a feature that moves dynamically through a space. Our clients often design fog into their water play features to enhance a thematic experience, or stand alone to provide cool, dry areas within a wet environment.
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Playground Misting Poles

Our Playground Misting Poles refresh spaces by providing a bright, colorful, interactive feature that also provides respite from the heat. The misting poles come in a variety of colors and are often actuated by push buttons or motion sensors. A single Koolfog system can deliver fog to several, if not dozens of misting poles to allow for unique cooling spaces within a landscape environment.
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Poolside Misting

A well-placed fog system tucked along side this block wall delivers small, highly atomized particles of water over the pool area to cool and enhance the experience. People and plants are naturally cooled during warmer climatic conditions. At night when temperatures change, Koolfog delivers a more robust effect, which is a perfect compliment to outdoor lighting.
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High-pressure Fog System on Trellis

Trellis systems, canopies, and other architectural elements can be designed for efficient, impactful cooling by integrating a fog system into the planning phase. A high-pressure fog system delivers cooling without wetting or dripping, which makes it perfect for outdoor dining areas, lounge areas and poolside. The fog line can be integrated into the structures themselves or provided as a simple retrofit option.
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Canopy Misting System for Outdoor Cooling

The fog system is integrated to canopy or shade structures to provide a fully enveloped area that is insulated from the heat. Koolfog works with clients to design a system that will not only perform but also work with the visual aesthetic. Nozzle type and spacing determine the density of fog and the cooling potential while avoiding issues such as wetting.
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Custom Misting Poles

Custom application of fog integrated into decorative stainless steel poles. The poles which are strategically placed within a landscape or rooftop environment provide significant cooling to the surrounding area. Poles can also be used in public art projects, shaping fog to create an overhead cloud, to provide visual screening or enhanced with LED lighting.
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Vanishing Edge Fog

Create your own cloud with continuous duty, high pressure, pure water fog systems. For landscapes, water features, sculptures, themed environments.
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Waterfall Mist Effects

Create a spectacular environment with "High Pressure Pure Water Outdoor Cooling Systems and Waterfall Fog Effects." Koolfog, your source for high quality, custom designed, 1,000 PSI, UL listed fog equipment.
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Landscape Fog

Fogscapes are a natural, moving element that enhances any landscape or water feature. Not only that, fog is a perfect backdrop to lighting.
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Fogging Systems

Koolfog adds a dramatic fog effect along with cooling properties. By installing our unique, patented direct impingement cumulus fog nozzles and 1000 PSI pumping system.
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In Ground Dry Fog Fountain

Using fog in landscape elements, water features and public art displays adds a unique, moving, interactive element that complements lighting perfectly. Koolfog's fog system is pictured here in a Crystal Fountains-designed feature.
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Oasis Efficient Fogscape Pump

Koolfog's fogscapes outdoor cooling solutions are now powered by the greener Oasis high-pressure pump. The Oasis is energy and water efficient, using only as much water and power as necessary.
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High Pressure Misting System

Create a resort atmosphere for your clients with a high-pressure commercial grade misting system. The perfect complement to other outdoor living products, Koolfog's fogscapes create comfortable and visually stunning environments. Dealer program provides incremental revenue opportunities with full sales and design support.
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Koolfog Misting Systems

Misting systems cool outdoor spaces using pure water fog. Drop temperatures by up to 35 degrees and stay outdoors.
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Fountain Fog Effects

Create a "dry" fountain or play area or add an incredible, ethereal, moving element to your fountain, public exhibit or landscape with pure water fog. Koolfog is another way to stand out and provide that "wow factor" in any design.
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In Ground Fog

Fog Can delivers a stunning fog blanket that perfectly enhances any deck fountain. The stainless steel can has integrated connection points for sleeving and drainage and includes a decorative cover.
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Koolfog Fog and Misting Systems

Our Koolfog fog and misting systems, play areas, patios, landscapes, and more up to 35 degrees, using award-winning, no drip, misting system that outperforms and outlives similar knock off technologies.
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Natural Misting Effects

Fog is a moving, interactive element that can be added to any landscape design using fogscapes. Turn typical into atypical. Create something people will talk about.
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Our Fogscapes redefine and revitalize outdoor environments with the use of high pressure, pure water misting and fog systems. Outdoor cooling and aesthetic artistry can be achieved by our extreme attention to fog and misting design detail.
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Fog Art

The winning project for MOMA PS1 Young Architects Program in 2013, Party Wall, is a Caroline O'Donnell designed pavilion and flexible, experimental space that uses its large-scale, linear form to provide shade to visitors. Koolfog complements other water features to provide an exceptional and artistic approach to cooling.
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Fog in Water Features

High pressure fog creates a blanket of fog around ponds and other bodies of water. Fog fills voids and rolls naturally over rocks and landscapes.
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Interactive Mist Features

Koolfog fog and misting systems are added to play structures to provide relief from the heat as well as that "wow factor" that children respond to.
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High-pressure Koolfog Fog System

High-pressure Koolfog fog systems produce atomized water particles in the 5-20 micron range. Enough to produce fog that is natural, dynamic and visually enticing.
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Cloud Art With Fog

You can place a cloud almost anywhere with Koolfog high pressure fog. Be creative. The possibilities are endless.
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Water Feature Fog Elements

Playground Fog - Water features can include fog which provide a moving, natural element during the day that picks up lighting at night time.
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Plant Health Fog Systems

Fog systems promote plant health by supplying cooling and humidification. Less chance of heat stress, disease and other factors attributed to non-ideal environmental conditions.
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