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Address: 5825 Jasmine St.


City/State/Zip: Riverside, CA, 92504


Phone: 800-955-4831






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Company Info: We are a low voltage outdoor lighting manufacturer specializing in solid brass copper and alloy fixtures as well as stainless steel multi-tap and LED transformers HUBs lighting controls and accessories. Unique Lighting Systems highest commitment is to set the standard for manufacturing innovative and quality products. This commitment is evident through our detailed inspection processes and extensive field testing. From the initial design process of each product to the final assembly of each custom-made individual part our manufacturing process accomplishes the highest level of performance and durability carried through to final delivery to the end user. Durable construction and beautiful styling make Unique fixtures the ideal solution for any residential or commercial application. Unique Lighting already holds numerous product patents and we are constantly developing innovative ideas to help expand the lighting industry. Unique is the ONLY manufacturer that will warranty the fixtures the wiring connections and the transformer essentially the entire system for life! This one of a kind lifetime warranty protects homeowners not only against rust and corrosion of the fixtures but also the sockets all related hardware wire connections and the solid brass construction. Working harder and smarter we continue to manufacture the most innovative and longest lasting landscape lighting products.






Add beauty and security with Unique Lighting Systems' range of professional-grade lighting solutions. With the latest in LED technology, Unique Lighting brings the art of lighting design to any landscape.

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Lighting Equipment

Unique designs, manufactures and supplies a fully integrated and wide range of distinctive low voltage lighting fixtures, LED and Multi-Matic transformers, HUBs, HID bollards, LED lamps, wireless controls and accessories for the lighting professional. Unique sets itself apart with premium cast brass fixtures, a 25' HUB ready wire lead, 1' FLEX Auxiliary Wire Lead, anti-moisture migration connections, and a leading industry warranty.

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Low Voltage Landscape Lighting

We are the innovators of low voltage landscape lighting. Our mission is to take low voltage landscape lighting beyond the status quo. Making your lighting portrait last forever.

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A copper mini wall washer

A copper mini wall washer from the Copper Knight series. This undersized power house softly illuminates areas such as planters, walls or step landings.

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Subterranean Transformer

Unique Lighting Systems introducies the Subterranean Transformer! Fully potted and sealed, it is the only completely waterproof transformer on the market today. Equipped with primary fuse protection.

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The Chamberlain is a copper wall sconce fixture

The Chamberlain is a copper wall sconce fixture designed to eliminate the glare associated with typical porch light fixtures. Available in four sizes and carries a 15-year warranty.

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Islander Tiki Light

Islander Tiki Light - This elegant tropical inspired torch and down light will help to create a beautiful resort right in your own back yard.

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Big Bang, is perfect when illuminating trees

A powerful directional up-light, the Big Bang is perfect when illuminating trees, tall structures and vast spaces, and installation is fast and easy.

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Flex Series LED

FLEX??? Series LED - Wattage ranges from 1 watt up to 18 watts; up to three color temperatures available: warm white, white and cool white with a variety of beam spreads.

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Elements Series and an E-Shield for protection

New Elements Series, 100% marine-grade A360 alloy construction and an E-Shield for protection. Includes a 15' wire lead plus an additional 1' FLEX Auxiliary Lead for ease of installation and future expansion.

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Elements Series and an E-Shield for protection

New Elements Series, 100% marine-grade A360 alloy construction and an E-Shield for protection. Includes a 15' wire lead plus an additional New Elements Series for ease of installation and future expansion.

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Light Logic PLUS

Introducing Light Logic??? PLUS, an affordable Internet-Based Outdoor Lighting Control System. Light Logic??? PLUS builds on the original Light Logic Wireless Control System with the addition of an Internet Gateway and Mobile App.

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150 Watt LED Transformer

Unique Lighting Systems?? is expanding its outdoor transformer offering to include a new, full-featured low wattage transformer. The 150 Watt Transformer is designed specifically for LED outdoor lighting applications.

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LED & Multi-Matic Transformers

Feature rich and economical, the new 150-Watt LED Transformer is specifically designed for LED installations. It features a 15-Amp resettable circuit breaker for fuse protection and comes with multi-tap 12V, 13V, 14V and 15V outlets for multiple voltage range options. With stainless steel construction, lockable front cover and a 10-year warranty, this transformer provides excellent value and includes mounting hardware for fast and easy installation.

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Our highest commitment is to set the standard for manufacturing, innovation and quality products. We engineer and build all transformers up to 1120 watts.

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Featured Product Page on LandscapeOnline

Unique Lighting Systems has introduced a new LED FLEX-FIT feature, offering ease of installation, versatility, and reliable performance on nine of its most popular brass and copper fixtures.

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April 20, 2018, 1:35 pm PDT

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