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Vendor Profile: Architectural Pottery is a leading manufacturer of high quality Glass Fiber Reinforced Concrete Fire Tables Landscape Containers and Water Bowls. For over 20 years we have been developing and refining our casting and finishing techniques to deliver a distinctively unique and durable product. Containers to fit any style project with unlimited design possibilities - made to order and custom design concrete site furnishings.





Belize Fire Table and Fire Bowls

Belize Fire Tables and Fire Bowls now available in a variety of Finishes.
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Belize Series Landscape Containers

Show your artistic style with the new Belize Series Landscape Containers from Architectural Pottery. These Retro-Modern planters are cast in durable glass fiber reinforced concrete and available in a range of shapes, sizes and finishes. In stock or custom made to order so you can create your own unique look for your space.
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Fire Bowl

Architectural Pottery is a leading manufacturer of high quality GFRC fire tables, landscape containers, fire and water bowls. Sizes up to 72" - choose from a variety of styles and finishes.
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Aura Square Fire Table

The Aura Square is the largest of the Aura Fire Table line and provides extra space for multiple guests. Perfect for commercial applications, the Aura Square is cast in GFRC, features a CSA approved burner system and is available in manually operated or automated versions.
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The Legacy Series

Architectural Pottery is pleased to announce the newest addition to it's container offerings - The Legacy Series. This new contemporary product is available in 18 standard sizes up to 60" and is made of durable Fiber-Crete (GFRC). Designed for today's modern environments, these containers are beautiful, functional and long lasting. Architectural Pottery is the perfect choice when specifying your important projects.
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Fiber-Crete Planters

Architectural Pottery's Executive Series bowls, planters, ash and trash receptacles shown here are the ideal complement to today's contemporary business park environment. Available in many sizes and cast in Fiber-Crete (GFRC) for superior quality, durability and style. Architectural Pottery offers various lines to to fit any application, for more information call (714) 895-3359 or visit
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The Geo Essex Round Fire Bowl

The Geo Essex Round Fire Bowl is the perfect fire accent for many landscape designs or poolside settings. Cast in durable Glass Fiber Reinforced Concrete (GFRC) and available in automated or manual versions with CSA approved burner assembly with flame monitoring technology.
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The Legacy Round Planter

Discover unmatched versatility with the Legacy Round Planter. This durable, contemporary planter is cast in Glass Fiber Reinforced Concrete (GFRC) and available in a variety of complementing shapes and sizes with choice of Perma Spec Finish. See for yourself why the Legacy Container Series is the top choice for leading Landscape Architects, Contractors and Designers worldwide. Architectural Pottery (714) 895-3359
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The Legacy Tall Planter

Make a bold and stylish statement with the Legacy Tall Planter. Available in sizes from 24" to 60" tall, this durable container is perfect for entries, patios, common areas and more. Cast in Glass Fiber Reinforced Concrete (GFRC) the Legacy Tall Planter is a beautiful contemporary product made to last.
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Five O'Clock Bar Fire Table

The Five O'Clock Bar Fire Table is cast in GFRC and measures 43" high with a 42" square table top. Available in manually operated versions or with full automation including U.L. Control Panel and Flame Monitoring Technology. Five O'Clock Fire Tables are available in 43", 30" and 17" heights, requires natural gas or propane and include CSA approved burners.
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FIBER-CRETE Cast Sandstone

Offering items cast in FIBER-CRETE (GFRC), Cast Sandstone, Drycast and the Frank Lloyd Wright Collection. Specializing in commercial applications-large containers up to 75" in diameter, custom designs and professional finish shop.
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Fiber-Crete Planters

Executive Series in Fiber-Crete planters, bowls, ash and trash receptacles are the ideal complement to today's contemporary business park environment.
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Fiber-Crete Planters

Define and beautify your landscape parameter with durable Fiber-Crete (GFRC) containers. Standard sizes up to 75" in round, rectangle and square styles.
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Fiber-Crete Fire Bowls

These decorative Fire Bowls made from Fiber-Crete (GFRC) provide a unique landscape accessory that offers an innovative source of light and heat.
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The Legacy Round Fire Pit

Enjoy outdoor living at its best with the Legacy Round Fire Pit, now available with 7" Table Top Ledge Feature. Entertain guests or enjoy an intimate evening with this beautiful and functional fire feature. Cast in durable Concrete (GFRC) this fire pit uses natural gas or propane and offered in complete automated or manual systems with CSA approved burner technology. Complete units include choice of Diamond/Exotic Fire Glass or Tumbled Lava Rock.
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Legacy Square Fire Pit

The Legacy Square Fire Pit is new to the bold line of handcrafted fire & water elements from Architectural Pottery. Available in 10 unique finishes. Complete packages with Fire Glass or Decorative Lava Rock options. Commercial & Residential.
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Tumbled Black Fire Glass

Tumbled black fire glass is both decorative and functional. Perfect for entertaining or a romantic evening by the fire, this media safely allows an even distribution of flame and is great for fireplace or outdoor fire pit use. In stock, wholesale direct and available in small (1/4" - 1/2" pieces) and medium (1/2" - 1" pieces).
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Fire Candeleres

Illuminate your designs with Fire Candeleres in finished concrete or translucent white quartz stone. U.L. approved control panel, internal lighting, burner with flame monitoring technology and a black metallic or concrete base.
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Legacy Round Fire & Water Bowls

Legacy Round Fire & Water Bowls - these features are sure to be a focal point of your residential or commercial landscape design. Cast in glass fiber reinforced concrete.
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Aura Fire Table

The 78" Aura Fire Table cast in Glass Fiber Reinforced Concrete includes CSA approved burner, Manuel Operation or Full Automation with Flame Monitoring Technology. Optional ZonkBlock seating cast in GFRC with Ipa Wood inlay.
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Legacy Fire Bowls

Legacy Fire Bowls - integrate our bowls into your designs for a complete lighting solution. These fire bowls are cast in Glass Fiber Reinforced Concrete with CSA approved burners and available in fully automated or manual versions. See our complementing line of fire tables and landscape containers.
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Geo Rectangle Landscape Container

Our proprietary GFRC mix is durable and made of 95% natural materials. Sun cured finishes with low/no VOC eliminates ovens, saving power and emissions. Reusable long life product keeps item out of land fills.
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Planter Water Bowl

Planter water bowl - this unique product is cast in glass fiber reinforced concrete and serves as a planter and a water feature, complete with stainless steel water scupper.
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