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ConnecTable Cafe

Fine craftsmanship has been at the helm of the ConnecTable???s Caf?? design from its very inception. Forged from structural steel and high-quality Ipe wood, it is extremely durable, yet stunningly sleek. The aesthetic value of the ConnecTable Caf?? is solely outshined by its superior performance.

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The ConnecTable

Address: 601 Davisville Road, Suite 210
City/State/Zip: Willow Grove / PA / 19090
Phone: 267-419-8496
Website: theconnectable.com/
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The ConnecTable

Vendor Information:
The ConnecTable is the only true line of high-grade, durable, solar charging workstations on the market. Our products have set us apart from the beginning in their design and quality manufacturing. If you are looking for a long-term sustainable solution that doesn’t go out of style the ConnecTable is the best choice.