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NEW OMEGA 3. Its exceptional winter color and density make this the ideal variety for active turf in the more Northern latitudes and higher elevations. It's an aggressive, dense-growing variety that crowds out weeds and poa, even at low cutting heights. It establishes quickly in spring; thrives in the summer with one of the highest NTEP ratings for summer performance, and looks great well into the fall. It mows cleanly and is more resistant to leaf spot and dollar spot. Used on lawns, golf courses and athletic fields, OMEGA 3 provides a rich manicured look to please the most discerning eye.




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OreGro Seeds, Inc

Address: 33080 Red Bridge Road SE
City/State/Zip: Albany / OR / 97322
Phone: 541-258-1001
Fax: 541-258-1006
Website: oregrocalifornia.com
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OreGro Seeds, Inc

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OreGro Seeds Inc. is a company respected worldwide and locally as a wholesale supplier of top quality grass seed for over 20 years.OreGros Southern California Division literally brings OREGON directly to the Turf Grass Industry here in Southern California.OreGro has the knowledge to develop and recommend a Turf/Forage or Erosion Control variety or mixture that matches any California terrain or climate zone. With a large inventory and prompt delivery we can supply any need you may have for Grass Seed.

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OreGro Seeds, Inc
Albany, 97322

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