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GES Tree & Shrub

GES TRee & Shrub is a homogenous blend of humic shale and soft rock phosphate made without fillers, binders or additives. It is suitable for use on all turf, ornamentals, trees, crops, and treating soils that are deficient in phosphate, a major component of root development. Tree and Shrub is a liquid fertilizer specially formulated for your tree and shrub needs, giving you controlled improvement on your soil.




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Green Earth Solutions

Address: 3130 Springer Road
City/State/Zip: Placerville / CA / 95667
Phone: 530-957-9785
Fax: 530-748-0148
Website: www.ges.green
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Green Earth Solutions

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We develop new opportunities for businesses in the arborist and green industry that focuses on the health and vitality of trees, shrubs, turf and agriculture. This is done by improving the soil health and plant resiliency through the use of niche, innovative, sustainable and environmentally safe products that our personal testing and Plant Health Care programs have proven to be successful in the real world.

We currently work with several companies consulting and training their employees to be successful in diagnosing, treating and monitoring plant health care in innovative and sustainable methods.

We typically recommend specific products that we believe are the most effective, least environmentally damaging and provide the best opportunity to create healthy plants that require fewer treatments or are more resilient to the harmful influences of the biotic and abiotic environment.