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TLE seminars equip field personnel, project leaders, supervisors, and owners with the latest knowledge on professional Landscaping Business.


Learn From the Best
For the first time ever, we have two of Disney’s horticulture managers and designers - Luis Gomez and Ryan Childs - speaking on Disney’s Moonlight Maintenance. Find out how Disneyland produces their signature landscape while we sleep, creating their magic. Sign up early as this seminar will get full.

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New Product Demonstrations

See the newest products from TLE's exhibitors!
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Wednesday, Oct 4
9:30 - 10:00 AM Wireless Valve Control
10:15 - 10:45 AM Plant healthcare solutions (powered backpack sprayer, soil injector, plug-less tree injection)
11:00 - 11:30 AM Techline HCVXR and TechLock Fittings.
1:00 - 1:30 PM JCB Teleskid 3TS-8W first skid steer or compact tracked loader with telescope boom, making it the most versatile machine you've ever seen.
1:45 - 2:15 PM GEM eM-1400: Rugged Utility vehicle hauls up to 1,400 lbs payload. The eM1400 is the ultimate work vehicle.
Thursday, Oct 5
9:30 - 10:00 AM Wireless Valve Control
10:15 - 10:45 AM Driveable turf.
1:00 - 1:30 PM Techline HCVXR and TechLock Fittings.

Work in Trees?
Send Your Crew to These . .
Aerial Lift Demonstration
Learn about pre-trip inspection, placement of the truck, pre-job inspection, and the use of cones and delineators. The demonstration will include fall arrest, harness use, and an aerial rescue. - Aerial Lift Demonstration.

Safety Demonstration
Learn chipper safety and proper use, and ground men safety while working – including hard hats, eye and hearing protection, leg protection, proper chipper starting procedures, use of chainsaws, and feeding brush into the chipper. - Tree Worker Ground Safety.

WCISA partnering with the Landscape Expo
Western Chapter ISA is proud to partner of The Landscape Expo and showcase some of their favorite local experts. Dr. Fred Roth, Donald Hodel, (world expert in Palms) Jorge Ochoa and Gillian Martin will be presenting information you can use on the job – right away!  From birds to bees to proper tree care – you don’t want to miss this opportunity. Oscar Sanchez will be demonstrating proper pruning (in Spanish). 

Do You Use Water?
The Landscape Expo is

Advanced Drainage Systems


ANC Technology

Antelco Corporation


Artisan Aquatics Inc.

Bowsmith, Inc.

Buckner Superior

Champion Irrigation

DIG Corp.

Dura Plastic Products Inc.

Eagle Spec Sales Group

Ecologel Solutions LLC

Ecoturf Midwest

Ewing Irrigation Products

Filtrexx International

Great Plains Industries

Green Product Sales

Griswold Controls

Guardian Enclosures

Hendrickson Bros

HIT Products Corporation

Hunter Industries

Hydro Rain

Imperial Sprinkler Supply

Irrometer Company, Inc.

K-Rain Manufacturing

Maxijet, Inc

Netafim USA

O'Connor Sales, Inc

Rain Bird Corporation

Senninger Irrigation

Signature Control Systems, Inc.

Smith Pipe & Supply

T. Christy Enterprises, Inc


Underhill International

Valvette Systems

We are very pleased that the Association of Compost Producers (ACP) is putting on a track about composting. If we (in the landscape industry) learn how to have healthier soil, we will then have healthy plants, use less water and so on. The topics include landscapes and stormwater, and how to remove turf the easy way – (did you know that you do not have to remove the old turf?).

How to use compost with native plants, sustainable landscape conversion and, a WELO class: Water Efficient Landscapes, 3” saves 30”. All presented by well-known speakers in their field!

Check out their website at and visit to register.

Seminars for Maintenance Pros

Irrigator Tech Seminars
Sprinkler & Drip Retrofitting — Wednesday: 8:00-9:30am
Backflow Installation — Wednesday: 12:00-1:30pm
Wire Tracking & Electrical Troubleshooting — Thursday: 10:00-11:30am
Master Valves Application, Maintenance and Repair — Thursday: 1:45-3:15pm

Innovative Irrigation Tech
By: Allister Cooney & Ewan Parker
Check out Replacing old controllers with weather based, 'smart controllers' has helped conserve water in California.

Click Here for Seminar Information

How to use Compost with Native Plants
By: Diane Downey
Native Plants vs Native Soils
• Matching Your Soil to Your Plants
• Using Mulch and Amendments Properly

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Tree Health in Turf
By: Susan Sims
Turf can be an enemy to your trees, and vice versa. Why is that? Can anything be done? What trees are better in turf than others, which should be avoided? Learn which soils exacerbate the problem.

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Selection and Care of New Plants in a Landscape
By: Don Merhaut, Ph.D.
Students will better understand the transition of plants from nursery to landscape, and learn about proper plant maintenance in the landscape. Additionally, new plants have specific maintenance issues that will be studied in this class.

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Proper Maintenance Practices for California's New Landscape
By: Wendy Proud
As the landscape of California continues to change, so should our maintenance practices. Learn a less intense maintenance approach which will ultimately increase your business and foster stronger client relationships.

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Update on Polyphagous & Kuroshio Shot Hole Borers/Fusarium Dieback Complex & South American Weevil
By: John Kabashima
This seminar will cover recent invasive species that threaten palms and important tree species in the Urban and Natural forest.

Click Here for Seminar Information

Landscape Palms: Identification, Selection, and Management
By: Donald Hodel
Discuss and illustrate how to identify, select, and manage landscape palms of California and the Desert Southwest. Information will include various examples of the identification, selection, environmental adaptation, functional uses, and management, including pests, diseases, and disorders, of these landscape palms.

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Update on Trunk Injection Technology with Chemical Options for Treating Local Tree Pests & Diseases
By: Dawn Fluharty
The course will begin with a review of how trunk injection works and then go into new equipment being used. We will also discuss what chemicals are used for trunk injection and what type of pest or disease they treat.

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Water Efficient Landscapes - 3 Inches Saves 30!
By: Kathy Kellogg Johnson
Kathy's efforts to elevate the role of soil, organic gardening, and educational efforts extend into the community.

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How Much Water Does a Lawn Need?
By: Marco Schiavon
Understand evapotranspiration concept. Educate installers on the use of warm-season species. Choose the right variety for your needs.

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Check Out the
New Product Showcase

See the newest products from TLE's exhibitors!
WB-100 connects a standard 24V controller to a standard 24V valve using a unique power technology in combination with ISM band wireless scheme (certified in US by FCC.) It replaces traditional wires between standard 24V controllers and 24V valves. It is an ideal solution to repair cut or damaged wires, or to provide power to an isolated location, or to prevent digging up asphalt and concrete to lay new wires.

Booth #353
Staple Ease™ Staple Pro™ Driver
All new Staple Ease™ Staple Pro™ driver easily installs staples without having to hammer on your knees. Install staples properly leaving a quality installation and safe jobsite behind. Durable tool for use season after season. Save time and labor costs by installing staples every 3-5 seconds. Staple Pro™ Driver works on 4", 6" and 8" 11-gauge steel staples. Interchangable feet makes it a versatile tool for all types of ground conditions and installations along sidewalks, retaining walls, golf courses or soft or sandy soils. Made entirely in the U.S.A.

Booth #349
Tri-C Soluble Humate Powder
Tri-C Soluble Humate Powder: Organic Soil Conditioner for hydroponic, drip, spray, foliar & soil applications. 35% Humic Acids & 30% Organic Matter. Benefits: Improves Soil Aeration, Improves Soil Workability, Increased Water Holding, Reduces Soil Erosion, Improves Drought Tolerance, Neutralizes Soil pH, Increased Ion Exchange, Regulates Fertilizer in Rootzone, Reduces Plant Stress, Accelerates Seed Germination, Increases + Microorganisms, Increases Root Growth, Increases Nutrient Uptake, Increases Photosynthesis. Sizes: 1 lb. Jar, 12 lb. Pail.

Booth #839
Southland Sod Farms Product
Samples of our new product Zoysia will be on display. Zoysia Tenuifolia: A finer-textured ornamental grass with a unique, rolling appearance; typically used in oriental garden settings or as ground cover. Usually left unmowed for a free-form, natural look. Extremely slow growing. Dormant in winter.

Booth #1129
Ditch Witch RT40
Compact Trencher.

Booth #961
Azpects Easy Joint
All-weather paving joint material

Booth #1456
Valvette Systems
New above-grade 'Drip' products

Booth #947

Meet Miss Makita
at the TLE
Come meet Miss Makita at the TLE and the Makita booth #825.

The One Stop Shopping Center for All Things Equipment

Advanced Display Systems, ADS

Affordable Turf & Specialty Tire


Avant Tecno, USA

B & M Lawn and Garden

Barkshire Laser Leveling

Cal-Line Equipment

Cantrell Turf Equipment

Cart Mart

City Chevrolet

Coastline Equipment

Courtesy Chevrolet San Diego

Direct Edge

Ditch Witch of Southern Calif.


Isuzu Commercial Truck of America , Inc.

Jacobsen - A Textron Company

JCB Southern California

Makita U.S.A., Inc.


McPeek Dodge

MultiOne America

PDQ Rentals

Prime Line


Rexin Equipment, Inc.

Reynolds Fleet Sales & Service

Rush Truck Centers

Scotsco, Inc.

Stotz Equipment

Taylor Dunn

Trinity Equipment Rentals

Turf Star, Inc

Tuttle-Click Dodge

Zenport Industries

Meet the Editors at
the Landscape Expo
Each year, Landscape Communications brings its editorial staff to The Landscape Expo to provide news coverage of the show for Landscape Online, Landscape Architect and Specifier News and Landscape Contractor, Design/Build/Maintain.

Our editors want to know what’s on your mind. Set up a meeting with them to discuss your latest project or innovation, positive insights, concerns about the industry, or how we can better serve your needs . . .
Mike Dahl is the editor for Landscape Contractor, which is read by over 100,000 landscape professionals a month. Each issue features articles that educate and entertain, industry news, product reviews and much more!

Mike can be contacted at
or 714-979-5276 x 124

Meet Mike Dahl 9:00 AM-10:30 AM or 12:30 PM - 1:30 PM on Wednesday or Thursday.

Steve Kelly is the managing editor of Landscape Architect and Specifier News, a BTB monthly-themed magazine in its 33rd year of publication. It is mailed to 32,253 readers, virtually every licensed landscape architect in the nation. 79.1% of our readers are business owners, principals or partners.
You can contact the editor at
or 714-979-5276 x 120

Meet Steve Kelly 11:00 AM-12:00 PM or 2:00 PM - 3:00 PM on Wednesday or Thursday.



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