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Modern Minamalist Fountains

Modern Minamalist Fountains and Custom Sculpture, by artist Randy Bolander. MODFOUNTAINS have a low splash radius, can be integrated into your exterior or interior design, and scaled to fit any size space. Constucted from corten or stainless steel; MODFOUNTAINs come in various finishes. Come fully assembled, include a submersible pump, fittings, and ship in 3-5 weeks.

Modern Minamalist Fountains




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MOD Fountain

Address: 149 Via Monte Doro
City/State/Zip: Redondo Beach / CA / 90277
Phone: 206-334-5040
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Modfountains are minimalist steel sculptures that include the element of flowing water. Designed and produced by New York and Los Angeles based sculptor Randy Bolander and his team of skilled craftsman. Modfountains are designed for commercial and residential projects and suited for exterior or interior spaces due to their low splash radius. Modfountains are custom built can be scaled in size and come in Corten (architectural rusting) or Stainless Steel. Each Modfountain comes with submersible pumps fittings easy assembly instructions and ship in 3-5 weeks. At Modfountain we will work with you on site specific custom designs so please contact us at with your next project.